Aroostook Renewable Gateway Transmission Line Project


Public Open House Meeting Questionnaire

Please provide answers to the following questions and SUBMIT the form.

If you wish to complete this form offline, please click the following link for a PDF copy (Open House Landowner Questionnaire) and return via mail to the address shown on the form or via electronic mail to within two (2) weeks of the meeting date. LS Power Grid Maine, LLC (LSPGM) appreciates your efforts in completing this questionnaire. The Public Open House Meeting and Questionnaire are important as they are the principal way for LSPGM to solicit landowner comments, questions, and concerns.
1. Which Public Open House Meeting location did you attend?(Required)
2. What is your primary interest in attending this event?(Required)

3. How did you learn about the open house?(Required)

4. Has the information presented been helpful to your understanding of the project? If “No” or “Somewhat”, what could be done to improve this effort?(Required)

5. Do you believe the need for this transmission line has been adequately explained?(Required)

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LS Power Grid Maine has taken several factors into consideration while routing this electric transmission line, including, but not limited to:

  • a) Proximity to dwellings and related structures, apartment buildings, commercial structures, industrial structures, business structures, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools;
    b) Proximity to commercial radio transmitters, microwave relay stations or other electronic installations;
    c) Proximity to parks and/or recreational areas;
    d) Proximity to Federal Aviation Administration-registered airports, private airstrips, and heliports;
    e) Proximity to historical or archeological sites;
    f) Proximity to irrigated farmland;
    g) Environmentally sensitive areas; and
    h) Protected or endangered species.

LSPGM has plotted some key routing constraints, based on publicly available GIS sources, on the Environmental and Land Use Constraints Maps. We welcome any feedback you might offer regarding these maps.

7. To your knowledge, are these features shown on the maps accurately plotted?(Required)

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