Aroostook Renewable Gateway

The Aroostook Renewable Gateway project will consist of single-circuit and double-circuit 345 kV transmission line and substations capable of delivering 1200 MW from Aroostook County to the ISO-NE grid. Depending on the final transmission line route chosen, the Aroostook Renewable Gateway will be approximately 140 to 160 miles long. The new transmission lines will connect two new substations, one near Glenwood Plantation (Aroostook Substation) and the other near either Dixmont or Detroit (Pittsfield Substation). The Aroostook Substation was located to provide transmission access to new large wind projects in Northern Maine. An additional station (Windsorville Substation) will be built adjacent or near the existing Coopers Mills Substation for additional voltage control equipment.

The many benefits of this investment in Maine infrastructure include:

  • Support the State of Maine’s renewable energy and emissions reductions goals
  • Creates thousands of direct, indirect, and induced jobs
  • Add significant revenue for local tax base
  • Protect ratepayers from cost overruns with fixed price contract structure
  • Limits price volatility by reducing reliance on electricity produced from natural gas
  • Help drive electricity bills down for ratepayers

Project Detail Map

Routing Storyboard

The following storyboard was put together to help stakeholders better understand what is required to develop the project route for the Aroostook Renewable Gateway that attempts to minimize impacts to the environment and communities. This storyboard defines the general project study are, a review of existing corridors and I-95, routing constraints, and concludes with the routes that were presented at the July 2023 Public Open Houses.